Sunday, September 11, 2016

Why to dance and why to dance Tango?

You dance because you are alive,and you dance Tango because it is a wonderful way to become a better version of yourself,
for no other reason than counting the passing of time with a qualitative approach, in which we exert a constructive critical analysis of what can be better about us at every next moment.

Dancing Tango is a challenge to improve.

That is why we invite you to participate in our
at our three locations, starting on September 28. Click here.

Also, the first audio version of our "History of Tango" is now available. Read and listen to it by clicking here.

And more...
Cafe Florida

Our goal is to train our students to participate and dance comfortably at milongas. We decided to organize milongas in which we can put in practice all the elements necessary to a full Tango experience. Do not miss also:
We organize a tour twice a year. These tours are very educational for those seeking to know Tango in depth.

Monthly, for individuals and couples, including private lessons and unlimited classes, workshops and milongas. TAKE A LOOK, click here. 

PLUS!!! You'll get 20% discount if you come to Buenos Aires with us!!!
We are looking forward to seeing you and dancing with you soon!!!
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