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Gerardo PortleaWhen I was growing up in Argentina I would hear people talk about tango, and they called it “tango”, without adjectives.
It was during the late 1980s that I first heard the expression “tango fantasia”, in relation to figures that were crafted with an eye-catching intention.
Around that same time I read an interview with Gerardo Portalea in the newspaper Página 12, in which he talked about tango and defined it as “caminar con elegancia” (walking with elegance). In the interview, he never used the terms “salon” or “Villa Urquiza”, terms that would later be associated with his “dance style”.
During the mid-1990s, the milonga scene in Buenos Aires started to blossom. That was the time of “Club Almagro” and when I remember first hearing about “milonguero style”. I took lessons with Susana Miller then, and she was teaching with two guys who seemed, to me, very different in relation to their dance styles: Cacho Dante and Pepito Avellaneda.
One of the first things that I learned about tango, growing up in Argentina, is that every dancer will dance tango differently because tango is all about feelings, and every person feels it differently. This idea has this synthetic expression: “Cada bailarín tiene su propio estilo” (each dancer has his/her own style).
I think that, in essence, there is only one kind of tango: GOOD. The rest is meaningfulness. I expressed some ideas in this article: “Bad & good tango dancer” (read…)
All of the subtleties around tango are difficult to appreciate unless you go to Buenos Aires, immerse yourself in the culture and milongas, and have someone who really loves tango there to point out all of these details to you…
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Walnut Creek new series starting on Thursday, June 5. (Read more…)  Intermediates Program: Class 1: Rhythm, cadence, melody and musicality. How does it manifest in your walking. Juan D’Arienzo ochestra. Class 2: Tango figures. Salida, ocho, sentada, media vuelta. Variations. Carlos Di Sarli ochestra. Class 3: Circular movements. Giros and calecitas. Anibal Troilo orchestra. Class 4: Boleos. Lead and follow. Osvaldo Pugliese orchestra. Class 5: Traspies and systems. Pedro Laurenz orchestra. Class 6: Milonga and vals. Listening to the difference. Ricardo Tanturi orchestra. REGISTER ONLINE (click here).
July 4 at Milonga Mandinga. We celebrate Independence Day at Milonga Mandinga in Lafayette. 8:00 pm – All levels class. 9:00 pm to 12:30 am – Milonga. (Read more…)
Workshop with Olga Matveeva – “Ladies’ Tango: to follow and to dance”. What makes you a great partner? When do you dance your best, and with whom? How do we follow and improvise? Embellishments: when, how, and why? On Saturday July 19, 5 to 7 pm. At CPAA, 6148 Bollinger Road, San Jose. (Read more…)
Verdi Club Milonga closes tonight. The organizers, Christy and Adolfo, are inviting all the teachers of the Bay Area to perform at their last night. I am going to dance with Sofia Agueberry, among with other couples.
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I am looking forward to seeing you and dancing with you soon,
Marcelo Solis