Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monday 09-15-09 Intermediate class review at Alberto's Night Club with Asuko.

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Music: "La clavada", Juan D'Arienzo 1940/1942.

In 1936 Juan D'Arienzo successfully appeared in the disputable territory of popularity. He was just 35 years old, one less than Julio De Caro –stylistically placed on the other end of the musical horizon of tango- he had been a star since 1924 and D'Arienzo started to become one when Pablo Osvaldo Valle took him to the brand new El Mundo radio station. What in no way meant, at all, that D'Arienzo were a late tango player. Like almost all the musicians in those days, he started in tango as a boy. With Angel D'Agostino on piano, the bandoneon player Ernesto Bianchi -aka Lechuguita- and Ennio Bolognini – Remo´s and Astor´s brother – he played, at a very early age, in very insignificant theaters. Read more at

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